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About Us

I've experienced healing for about twenty five years in which the people came across me for simple to complicated diseases like headache, body ache, stomach aches, high blood pressure, heart problems, brain problems, cancer, severe accidents. The emotional problems like distraction, sleeplessness, anxiety, worry, stress, tension, anger, resentment. The mental problems like imbalance in life, low performance job, career, in the studies. Relationship problems between husband and wife, executive officer's, government officers’ problems on stress, tension, anger, psychological problems such as self-esteem, low confidence in studies and careers.

When I see the people around me are suffering in pain I have the experience and ability to heal the patient I feel love and compassion towards them and like to serve them.

Hello and Welcome.

For many years I have been observing the people around me having different problems, pain, suffering and I asked a question to myself why are they suffering pain? I used to ask this question to my parents and different knowledgeable people. After studying the cause of the problem and contemplating on different problems, I was reading different kinds of books, meeting knowledgeable, wise people, discussing with them in depth these sort of problems.
I understood that why there is the suffering and the cause of suffering. I have been practicing different meditations and doing dhamma study. I understood that if there is a cause and effect of everything, this is the Buddha's basic teaching. I also came to know that there is suffering, there is a cause of suffering, there is a way to eradicate the suffering and the way is the teaching of Buddha. One of his teachings is The noble eightfold path.

I have been doing the deep practices of meditations, the different healing modalities and practicing for the last twenty five years and scientifically observed the things which really works for me and my clients.

My Mission

 Pasadika is committed to empower 10 million people to transform their lives with happiness, good health, love, compassion wisdom and freedom from suffering in coming years. 

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