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India's Leading Energy Healer

"Busy Bee Wellness: Learn 6 Steps To Conquer Disease In Your Professional Life"

"Bridge to Wellness: Transform Your Ailments into Physical Fitness, Mental Strength, and Emotional Balance in Just 90 Days!"

I spent over 10000 Hours Learning This Topic


My name is Pasadika

I'm an energy healer and the visionary behind Sukhavati Foundation. With over 37 years of experience, I've made it my mission to transform 100,000 busy professionals into  Physical Fitness, Mental Strength, and Emotional Balance using our revolutionary Neo-energy healing system. Unlock inner peace, balance, and fulfillment.

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Healthy Happy Life

I'm on a mission to transform 100000 busy professionals into healthy, happy lives using a neo-healing system.


Neo-Healing System

With over 37 years of experience in the Neo-healing system, I help people transform into stress-free, healthy,  lives.

My Mission


Sukhavati Foundation

I founded this community to help busy professionals to take their quantum leap for a brighter future as they dreamed.

My Experience

My Community

Step 1

"Ease Into Peace"

"Immerse yourself in calming practices and practical strategies designed to melt away stress and cultivate inner peace."

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A holistic wellness garden under a celes

Step 2

"Wellness Blueprint"

"Explore a transformative journey towards optimal health through our carefully crafted 'Wellness Blueprint "

Step 3

"Energize Your Heart"

"Ignite vitality within – 'Energize Your Heart' is your gateway to a healthier, more vibrant life journey."


Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started as a neo-Healing coach.



Silver Membership


11 courses

Weekly coaching

90-day challenge

Basic certification

Private network

support forum

Lifetime membership



Gold Membership

Everything in Silver+

7 Advance courses

Advance certification

tools and templates

Tactical knowledge

180 days challenge

Lifetime Membership

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Diamond Membership

Everything in Silver+Gold

Weekly Audits

accountability System

Gamification Points

Annual Certification

Priority Support

Annual Subscription

11 courses

Weekly coaching

90-day challenge

Basic certification

Private network

support forum

Lifetime membership


"Pasadika, a seasoned life coach, showcases decades of wisdom in 'Delete Stress,' offering a universal guide to resolve life problems through practical teachings. His emotional depth in redefining 'delete' transforms suffering into happiness, making this book a powerful tool for a worry-free society."


"Pasadika's 'Delete Stress' is a spiritual gem, offering simple yet profound insights into stress management, anger control, and holistic well-being. His inaugural work promises a journey into spirituality with many more enlightening books on the horizon."


"Reading Pasadika's 'Delete Stress' brings me joy, especially given our close association. In navigating life's challenges, this book serves as a valuable guide, offering insights and understanding for moments of confusion, unease, and various life problems."


"In 'Delete Stress,' Pasadika, a seasoned life coach, unveils transformative teachings derived from extensive experience, promising not just happiness but wisdom, love, and compassion. This universal guide transcends technicalities, offering a powerful tool to erase suffering and become a guiding star toward a worry-free life."


"Pasadika's book is a perfect guide to understanding and managing stress, seamlessly blending Pranic healing and yoga principles. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a happier, more peaceful life by learning to navigate stress and anger with wisdom and composure."


"As one of the early readers of 'Delete Stress,' I have witnessed Pasadika's profound insights since 2009. This invaluable book, a result of his vast knowledge and personal guidance, is a practical guide for individuals from all walks of life seeking happiness in their day-to-day struggles."


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